Bibliography Updated

We’ve added new sources to the TaikoSource Bibliography!

Academic Dissertations and Theses

Carter, Carrie Alita. 2013. “Inventing Taiko.” Master of Philosophy Thesis, The University of Hong Kong.

Small, Joe. 2014. “Expressions and Negotiations of Japanese Masculinity via Odaiko Solo Drumming.” MFA MFA Research Paper WAC 495, University of California Los Angeles.

Taylor, Katharine. 2014. “Taiko Drumming and its Effects: How Taiko Affects Participants and Audiences.”Dissertation, Department of Music, University of Birmingham.

Conference Papers

Ahlgren, Angela. 2013. “Negotiating (Post?) Orientalism: White Women and North American Taiko.” Society for Ethnomusicology 58th Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana.

If you know of a source not included in the Bibliography, e-mail us at info (at) and we’ll be sure to add it!

New Interview with Bruce Mui Ghent

We’re happy to announce the release of the next TaikoSource Interview! This time, Ben sat down with Bruce Mui Ghent to talk about his performance history, how he combines dance & taiko, and his approach to production. We also discuss the Taiko Trek 2016 summer taiko camp happening this July!

Visit the page to listen to the interview or download the mp3!

New Interview with Jonathan Kirby

We’re happy to announce the next installment of our interview series! This time, Ben (virtually) sat down with Jonathan Kirby, founder of Kagemusha Taiko.¬†We discuss the origins of Kagemusha Taiko, the goals and philosophies that have driven its development and activities, and the upcoming¬†European Taiko Conference.

Visit the interview page to stream the audio, or else download the mp3 so you can listen at your leisure!

Matsuri Database Update: Sanno Matsuri

We’re happy to announce our latest – and biggest – update to our Matsuri database! We now have an entry for Tokyo’s Sanno Matsuri, one of the city’s three largest festivals.

This update is particularly exciting, as it features more photos and videos than ever before! There are over 100 pictures, and 4 hours worth of videos (including a 1 hour-long video following a matsuri-bayashi float down the streets of Nihonbashi).

Head over to the Sanno Matsuri entry to check everything out! And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Matsuri database for more pictures and videos!

TaikoSource Access Survey

Hi everyone. We’ve launched an online poll to determine how you all are accessing TaikoSource and finding out about our updates. If you could, please take a moment and take the embedded survey below. It’ll help us determine how we can best serve you, our readers, in terms of providing updates and information about TaikoSource offerings. Thanks!

Bibliography Update, Part II

Our bibliography update is complete! Beyond links to places on the internet where you can download listed dissertations, theses, and journal articles, you will also find Amazon links for books! (Amazon US store, English language books only – currently investigating the possibility of becoming an Amazon Japan affiliate so that we can extend the service to Japanese-language books as well).

Soon to come – purchasing links in the Discography (Amazon AND CDBaby). Stay tuned!

Amazon Affiliate Store

As part of our continuing efforts to make TaikoSource your gateway for everything taiko-related, we have created an Amazon Affiliate page featuring many of the items listed across our website. Click on the Amazon Store link above, or follow this link. You’ll find books, CDs, DVDs, digital music, and even items like a Taiko no Tatsujin stuffed taiko!

When you purchase any of the items listed in this store, a small percentage of the sale goes back to us, helping us pay for the cost of hosting TaikoSource!

We’ll also be using the Amazon Affiliate program to add links in our Bibliography and Discography, so stay tuned for more developments soon!

Bibliography Update Process Begun!

We have begun updated our Bibliography, starting with with Articles section of the page. You can now find links to the sites where you can download copies of articles related to taiko performance.

Soon to come: more links. This will take a little while, though, as we want to make sure that we’re linking you to the official repository of these resources. That means that we will not be able link to some items, but nevertheless we will be endeavoring to put together not only a complete list of academic writings about taiko, but also places where you can get access to these writings.

As for books and book sections, we’ll be linking to places where you can purchase these books.