Wajima Kiriko Taiko

Composer: Wajima Kiriko Taiko Hozonkai
Arrangement: “Wajima Kiriko Taiko” Traditional Kiriko Matsuri Taiko: Tutorials, How-to videos
Composition Date: n/a
License: (c) Wajima Kiriko Taiko Hozonkai (Representative: Walter Tsushima). Use with proper credit. For contact information “See Also” below.


From Wajima Kiriko Taiko Hozonkai representative Walter Tsushima…

“Kiriko Taiko” is a specialized style of taiko that originates from the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The Noto Peninsula is place of serenity surrounded by the beautiful mountains, blue oceans and lush forests. The life-rhythms of the people of the Noto have molded and shaped their culture of taiko drumming for hundreds of years.

A dynamic taiko style, Kiriko Taiko is performed in an upright position, usually with two people (or up to five people) on a single drum. Different from kumidaiko, or ensemble taiko drumming, where up to 10 or more separate taiko drums are necessary for a performance, Kiriko Taiko requires only one taiko drum. Additionally unlike kumidaiko, where preset songs are performed, Kiriko Taiko allows for much flexibility; the many Kiriko Taiko rhythms studied can be combined to create solos, and arrangements. This freedom is what makes Kiriko Taiko a dynamic taiko style to perform as well as watch.

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Scores, notes, and audio files to help learn this piece.

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Kiriko Taiko

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