Odaiko Kakeai Kihon Kyoku

Composer: Kenny Endo
Composition Date: 2007
License: (c)2007 Kenny Endo. All rights reserved. For use, please contact composer: http://www.kennyendo.com


From composer Kenny Endo…

Odaiko Kakeai Kihon Kyoku means Odaiko Call and Response Basic Piece.

This composition for odaiko was developed from a composition called, “Rites of Thundering.” It showcases the power and excitement of an odaiko played in unison sections as well as solos. This piece has also been known as “Arashi Daiko.”


Contact composer for notation files, learning and use options. http://www.kennyendo.com


Odaiko Kakeai Kihon Kyoku: O-Daiko at Peak Square

Wesleyan University Taiko Fall 2011: Oodaiko Kakeai Kihonkyoku

Odaiko Kakeai Kihon Kyoku- Celt Taiko Ensemble

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http://www.kennyendo.com/taiko-center-of-the-pacific — Taiko Center of the Pacific (TCP), a school of traditional and contemporary Japanese drumming, was established in 1994 by Kenny and Chizuko Endo to preserve traditional Japanese drumming and to create new music for taiko. TCP offers classes in taiko drumming to the general public year round for all ages and all skill levels.

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