Composer: Mitsuaki Sato
Arrangement: Sousaku Wadaiko Komanokai
Composition Date: June 30, 2011
License: (c)2011 Mitsuaki Sato. All rights reserved. Commercial use and reproduction of the score without permission is prohibited. This piece may be performed after purchase of the score. Purchase score: http://www.taiko-center.co.jp/english/index.html

A portion of the score sales are donated to the Aoi Koinobori Project as a reconstruction support fund for Tohoku. Aoi Koinobori Project: http://www.ryukoutengoku.info/3.11/ritsu.html


From Togo Miyahara, Taiko Center Co.,Ltd

After the great east Japan earthquake, this piece was first performed by “Sousaku Wadaiko Komanokai” — one of the pioneers of today’s taiko music — with taiko groups from the devastated coast area as part of their regular concert in 2011. Additionally, every May 5th the song has been performed to pray for the children who lost their lives and for the recovery of their hometown as part of an event called Aoi Koinobori Project held in Ohmagarihama, Higashi Matsushima city. This piece has also been performed by taiko groups in Las Vegas, and each year continues to spread around world.

Many players have performed this piece as a prayer for Tohoku, the region hardest hit by the 2011 earthquake. The score “Michinoku” was launched for sale on March 11th, 5 years after the earthquake. We believe that art and traditional performance is part of its heart and soul. Let’s play the sounds that bind us together, and dream that this piece will be performed as a prayer for those who lost their homes and loved ones, and hopes for a brighter future.


Scores, notes, and audio files to help learn this piece.

Purchase score: http://www.taiko-center.co.jp/english/index.htm
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