Hi everyone.

We’ve been quite busy here at TaikoSource, posting updates regularly, but as you probably could tell we haven’t really been that great about posting News updates to the feed. So, I figured I’d take a moment and list what we’ve accomplished since the last News post a month ago:

  • Added a new page to the Equipment section featuring various shime-daiko typing guides
  • Created a Taiko Clipart page
  • Updated the Glossary, making it an Illustrated Glossary
  • Added new songs to the Song Database
  • Updated the Drum Building Guides to feature several practice drum guides, and a guide for making katsugi-okedō-daiko heads
  • Updated and changed the format of the Discography

As you can see, we’ve gotten a lot done in the last month! We’re always tweaking existing pages, adding different elements and pages to our Content Sections, and working on adding new sections, so be sure to always stop by and see what’s new. We may not always post a News feed for our updates, but there’s changes made at least once a week.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and thanks for visiting!

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