TaikoSource at NATC – An Invitation!

Attention taiko creative types! Are you attending NATC and have some merchandise you’d like to sell, but don’t have a table in the Marketplace! TaikoSource is interested in helping you find a space for your products!

We’ll be at NATC next month with a demo station where you can check out our assorted offerings, such as the pictures and videos in our Matsuri Database and the interviews we’re conducting as part of our ongoing Oral History project. Additionally, Wendy​ will be selling some of her taiko.biz merchandise (such as custom atarigane mallets, chopsticks, and assorted cases).

We’d love to make a place for your merchandise as well! If you’re interested in having your merchandise for sale at the TaikoSource booth, please contact me either by direct message or by e-mail at ben@taikosource.com. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you all next month in Las Vegas!

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