New Section: Matsuri

We’re happy to announce a new section on TaikoSource: Matsuri!

This section is devoted to matsuri – festivals – and the ways in which taiko drums are used in these festivals. The section includes a listing of festivals across Japan in which taiko have a prominent role, with an emphasis upon matsuri-bayashi and playing styles that are known around the world. This listing has been compiled thanks in part to the assistance of Ai Matsuda of the Taiko Community Alliance’s Program Committee, and employees of Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten in Tokyo.

In addition to this listing, we are beginning to compile a database of individual festival entries, featuring pictures and videos. Right now, we have the Suga Shrine Grand Matsuri and the Yushima Tenman-gu Grand Matsuri. The videos in these entries will be of interest, as they shall focus upon matsuri-bayashi performance. Indeed, we look to create an open database of matsuri-bayashi performance videos, in order to not only tell our readers about how taiko are used, but to SHOW them!

We’ll be constantly adding new videos to this database, so be sure to check back often!

Thanks always for your support, and stay tuned for new updates!

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