New Interview: Ai Matsuda

We’re happy to release the latest in the TaikoSource interview series! This time, I spoke with Ai Matsuda. Born and raised in Japan before moving to Hawaii at the age of 16, Aichan has played with Hawaii Matsuri Taiko and the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble, and has studied with Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka, Yuu Ishizuka, Classical Japanese music (Kabuki Bayashi) from Saburo Mochizuki, and Edo Bayashi/Shinobue/Shishimai from Kyosuke Suzuki of the Taneo Wakayama School of Wakayama Shachu.

During our conversation, we talk about Aichan’s experiences playing taiko in Hawaii, the mainland United States, and Japan. Aichan discusses the various roles that taiko has had in her life, the various identities that taiko has taken on, and how her relationship with taiko has changed over time.

Visit the interview page to listen to or download the recording!

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