New Additions!

TaikoSource is proud to announce the opening of a new section of the website dedicated to Equipment! In this section, you can find resources for purchasing or building drums or other equipment. This includes an update list of places to buy skins, collected with the help of Stuart Paton!

Of course, I recognize that the lists in this section are far from comprehensive. If you know a source not on the website, please contact me!

On a side note, it was great to meet so many of you at WTG last weekend! I’ve been considering your suggestions and how TaikoSource can continue to evolve to suit your needs. As part of this process, please look forward to a new version of the Glossary in the near future! Also, the Bibliography, Discography (now including the video lists as well), and Glossary can be found in a new section called “Reference.” Feel free to browse around the site, and as always let me know if you see anything wrong or have any suggestions! Thanks!

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