Countdown to NATC

There’s just 2 days until NATC!!!

– We’ll have a table in the Taiko Marketplace, where we’ll have a variety of offerings! We’ll have a demo station featuring all of the offerings, shown on a 32″ TV contributed by David Cheetham of Korabo Taiko (thanks David!). But that’s not all! We’ll also have a variety of items for sale. Wendy will have some of her offerings, including custom atarigane mallets, decorative chopsticks, small bachi bags, chappa & atarigane cases, and read bags. In addition, you’ll be able to find The Genki Spark merchandise and TAIKOPROJECT merchandise (including the DVD of last year’s World Taiko Gathering Taiko Nation concert)! Plus, you’ll be able to buy custom M&Ms with the mitsudomoe symbol on them, a great give to take home to your friends who weren’t able to attend.

And, of course, Wendy and Ben can be found all over campus during the conference. Maybe you’ll be participating in the same workshop as Wendy, or see Ben as he’s helping at the Concierge Table or serving as videographer for some of the events. Additionally, Ben will be on the Documenting Taiko discussion panel on Saturday afternoon. Be sure to say hi!

We look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas. Safe travels, and we’ll see you soon!

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