Jennifer Weir

Recorded May 20, 2017. 39.2 MB, 60 minute mp3 file.

Jennifer Weir has been passionately studying, performing, teaching and composing taiko for the past two decades. She is the founding Executive Director of TaikoArts Midwest, Artistic Director of Ensō Daiko (formerly Mu Daiko), and a performing member of ensemble-MA, led by Iris Shiraishi. She is also a theater director and dramaturg with Theater Mu and a past recipient of grants from the Live Music for Dance MN, MN State Arts Board, MN Regional Arts Board, Arts International, American Composers Forum and Jerome MN Travel Grant. She credits Iris Shiraishi and Rick Shiomi with inspiring and mentoring her throughout her taiko career.

In our discussion, we talk about Jennifer’s background and performance history, where taiko fits into her own journey, and the path from Theater Mu to Mu Daiko to TaikoArts Midwest, along with the challenges that come with starting a new taiko organization.

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