Carrie Carter

Recorded August 5, 2017. 66 minute, 44.8 MB mp3 file.

Carrie Carter is one of the original members of Ohio’s premier taiko group, Icho Daiko, founded in 2004. She has also performed with Seattle Kokon Taiko, O • Daiko (大 • 鼓, Hong Kong), and Shippu Uchi Daiko (疾風打太鼓, Japan) with Ryo Shimamoto (嶋本 龍).

A pioneer in the world of taiko blogging, Carrie is the creator of All Things Taiko (, an instructional resource for those interested in learning to play taiko. She received her MPhil. in Ethnomusicology from the University of Hong Kong for her research on the history and development of taiko as an art form.

With a particular focus on body care and alignment, Carrie has instructed taiko ensembles in The United States, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, and Morocco. She currently resides in Kobe, Japan.

During our discussion, we talked with Carrie about her performance background, her experience learning, playing, and teaching taiko in different places around the world, and her blogging activities.

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