附締太鼓 (つけしめだいこ)

“attached-closed-drum”; smaller, high toned drum with a one-piece wood body and two heads stretched over iron rings and tightened with rope or bolts; in kumi-daiko, festival-style or matsuri tsukeshime-daiko are referred to as shime for short; Nohgaku tsukeshime-daiko have a slightly different construction and are played differently as well; taiko groups can utilize shime to maintain a base rhythm, solo, act as punctuation or counterpoint to other parts, or in a set of taiko, These drums have a tremendous dynamic range if tied/tightened properly; sizes are graded using a chō-gake scale

Two rope-tightened and one bolt-tightened <em srcset=

tsukeshime-daiko” width=”150″ height=”150″ /> Two rope-tightened and one bolt-tightened tsukeshime-daiko

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