桶胴太鼓 (おけどうだいこ)

“barrel body–drum”; drum made of staves with straight sides; heads constructed in the shime-daiko style by stretching skins over iron rings, then lacing heads tight with rope; heads can be 15 inches to over 3 feet in diameter; sometimes played with flattened bamboo slats or take-bachi, which give a “slapping” sound; depending on size and purpose, okedō can be played upright on beta-dai, tachi-dai, tatsu-dai; horizontally on ashi-dai or yagura-dai; lying sideways on the ground; tied to one’s chest (Sansa-odori style or Shishi odori-style); slung over the neck/shoulder (katsugi-okedō style).

An okedō-daiko on an Asano Taiko Eitetsu-style stand

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