かつぎ桶胴太鼓 (かつぎおけどうだいこ)

“carried barrel-body drum”; often termed called “sling okedo” or “sling style okedo” in North America; a smaller (and usually lighter body) okedo-daiko or daibyoushi-daiko carried by slinging it over the neck and shoulders with a strap; used in processions and dances, and can be played on one or both heads, similar to the Korean changgo, it is able to be played while traveling through a performance space; The non-traditional/modern development and use of the okedo. Several major taiko groups and professional artists featuring the use of katsugi-okedō, including Kodo, Yamato, TAO, Shidara, Eitetsu Hayashi’s Fu-un-no-Kai, and Leonard Eto

Two katsugi-okedō-daiko with attached straps

Two katsugi-okedō-daiko with attached straps

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