桴, 枹, or 撥 (ばち)
(see below for different kanji usages)

generic word for a plectrum OR drumstick;

1. a hand-sized, paddle-shaped pick used for plucking the strings of the shamisen or biwa; may be made of wood, ebony, ivory or tortoise shell (and now plastic)

撥 is the standard kanji for this type of bachi

2. a drumstick; taiko bachi come in various sizes – small and light for tsukeshime-daiko, heavy and strong [dense] forchū-daiko, large and lightweight for ō-daiko; lighter bachi made of hinoki (cypress) or hou (magnolia) wood, heavier ones of kaede (maple), kashi (oak) or nara (scrub oak); the length, diameter, density and taper of bachi affect the sound of the drum being played.

桴 is the standard kanji, but 枹 may also be used

A taiko bachi rack at the Asano Taiko US store in Torrance, CA

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