European Taiko Conference

Last weekend, Ben attended the European Taiko Conference! It was an amazing weekend, much of which we’re still processing – both figuratively AND literally!

Ben spent the weekend documenting the conference, taking pictures and videos of all the proceedings. Pictures from the weekend can be found on the TaikoSource Facebook and Flickr pages. We’ll also have a few videos up on our YouTube channel soon – for now, you can see the slideshow video Ben put together with pictures and videos from the weekend.

Announcing Our New Instagram Page

In advance of our trip to the UK next week to participate in the 1st European Taiko Conference, we’re pleased to announce the opening of our Instagram account!
We’ll be using this to document out taiko-related travels, as well as to share assorted taiko-related photos we’ve collected and will continue to collect. Please follow us, and we’ll be sure to do the same! (If your account is primarily taiko-related, that is 😉 )

New Taiko Music History Article: Monochrome

We follow up the “Yatai-bayashi” article with an article about “Monochrome,” composed in 1976 for Ondekoza by Ishii Maki. Ishii brought together his Western art music compositional training and the festival music roots of Ondekoza, and created something unique to the taiko performance world. Nearly 40 years after its premiere, “Monochrome” remains a shining example of the melding of different musical and theatrical influences into a performance style meant for the concert stage.

New Taiko Music History Article: Yatai-bayashi

After a brief time away, we’re back with new Taiko Music History articles! In fact, we have TWO new articles!

We begin with an article written by Ben and posted by Gastoncito San Cristobal on his website Esto Es Taiko, about the Ondekoza/Kodo staple “Yatai-bayashi.” In the article, Ben discusses the history of Ondekoza, of Chichibu Yatai-bayashi, and how this festival music became a staple of the taiko concert stage.

New Music History Article: Symmetrical Soundscapes

We’re happy to announce the release of the next in the Music History article series. Today, we look at Kenny Endo’s “Symmetrical Soundscapes”! This piece not only was part of a movement towards solo taiko performance in the 1980s, but is a reflection of the diverse musical experiences brought into one by Kenny Endo, who this year is celebrating his 40th Anniversary of playing taiko!

New Interview with Jonathan Kirby

We’re happy to announce the next installment of our interview series! This time, Ben (virtually) sat down with Jonathan Kirby, founder of Kagemusha Taiko. We discuss the origins of Kagemusha Taiko, the goals and philosophies that have driven its development and activities, and the upcoming European Taiko Conference.

Visit the interview page to stream the audio, or else download the mp3 so you can listen at your leisure!