New Interview: Brian Sole

We’re happy to release the latest in the TaikoSource Interview series! This time, Ben spoke with Brian Sole, director of Great Lakes Taiko Center and its performance group Raion Taiko. In our interview, we discuss Brian’s journey to Japan and back, and how taiko fit within this journey. We also talk about creating a taiko school and a taiko performance scene, and how one carves out a niche for oneself in a the cultural environment of a region.

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New Taiko Music History Post: Kodo and the Path to “Irodori”

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new entry in the Taiko Music History article series!! This time, we explore the path taken by Kodo members in the 1980s towards “Irodori,” one of the most famous and popular pieces in the Kodo repertoire. In this article, we explore the influences incorporated into the work, other pieces that heralded its arrival, and the influence Leonard Eto’s composition had on the contemporary taiko world.

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Interview: Kiyoshi Nagata

We’re happy to announce the release of another entry in our Interview series! This time, Ben sat down (virtually, at least) with Kiyoshi Nagata of Nagata Shachu from Toronto, Canada. We spoke with Kiyoshi in advance of the release of Nagata Shachu’s Toronto Taiko Tales DVD and a series of concerts April 7-9 celebrating this release. During our conversation, we covered a wide range of topics, including Kiyoshi’s performance background, playing taiko in Toronto, the act of collaboration, teaching taiko in a university setting, and the troubles of recording taiko.

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New Interview: Jennifer Milioto Matsue

It’s time for another TaikoSource Interview! Returning to the taiko scholar sub-series we began last year, this time I interviewed Jennifer Milioto Matsue, Associate Professor in Music, Asian Studies, and Anthropology at Union College in Schenectady, New York. During our conversation, we discuss her background as both musician and scholar, her diverse research interests, and her work on taiko both as a researcher and as the instructor of a class/ensemble on taiko performance. Click here to access the mp3 and listen to the interview!

New Interview with Mark H Rooney

We’ve added another interview to the collection, this time with taiko performer and teacher Mark H Rooney! During our discussion, we talk about Mark’s taiko journey, his thoughts on taiko pedagogy, and how to move cities and maintain a career as both performer and teacher.

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East Coast Taiko Conference 2017

Last weekend, I was at the 2017 East Coast Taiko Conference at Brown University. As has been the case at every ECTC since 2012, I was running around all weekend taking photos! After editing what ended up being 3,527 photos between myself and one other photographer, I have uploaded selections from the weekend to the TaikoSource Facebook page. Visit the following links to check them out!

Day 1 – Friday, February 17

Day 2 – Saturday, February 18 – part 1

Day 2 – Saturday, February 18 – part 2: Concert

Day 3 – Sunday, February 19

New Interview: Michael Jürges

We’re happy to release the next in our interview series! This time, Ben spoke with Michael Jürges. Michael is a taiko scholar and the creator of the international Wadaiko Toshokan and the German-language BiblioTaiko portals. He earned his M.A. in Transcultural Studies at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg in Germany. In his M.A. thesis, he explored and documented the gradual development and adoption of taiko drumming in Germany throughout the past three decades – a topic that he is currently looking to make into a book.

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New Taiko Music History Article: “Taiko in a Recorded Medium: Ondekoza and Kodo”

After much work and research, we’re proud to present to you the next article in the TaikoSource Music History series: “Taiko in a Recorded Medium: Ondekoza and Kodo.” Rather than focusing on a single piece, as we have done to this point, this article explores the recordings created by Ondekoza and Kodo in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These recordings reveal how the groups were evolving, exploring more musical and artistic directions.

Unfortunately, these recordings are long out of print, but copies can still be found on record sales websites like Discogs. Nevertheless, we hope this article offers a glimpse into what Ondekoza and Kodo were striving to accomplish as they explored the presentation of taiko performance in a recorded medium!

New Interview: Chiara Codetta Raiteri

We’re happy to announce the next in our interview series!

This time, Ben sat down with Chiara Codetta Raiteri. Chiara is a researcher, percussionist, and educator interested in the construction of identity processes. Currently she is working on her thesis at the University of Milan, where she is writing about taiko.

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New Interview: Angela Ahlgren

We’ve just posted a new Interview to the website!

Click on this link to visit the page for Ben’s interview with Angela Ahlgren, Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film at Bowling Green State University. Angie is both a taiko performer and a taiko scholar, and over the course of our conversation we talk about how both realms have intersected with each other.