New Interview: Yeeman Mui

As we move into Fall, We’re happy to announce the return of the TaikoSource Interview Series!

We begin with an interview with Yeeman Mui, performing member and teacher at the Taiko Center of the Pacific who helped develop the Taiko Tots, Taiko Together, and TaikOff programs! In this interview, we discuss Yeeman’s education and performance background, how she got into both taiko and early childhood music education, and her current projects.

Visit the interview page to listen to our conversation, either by streaming or by downloading the mp3 file!

New Interview: Micah Wilhelm

We’re happy to announce the release of another TaikoSource interview! This time, I spoke with Micah Wilhelm of Taiko Zürich – ツリ太鼓 and Taiko Spirit 2016 – Japanese Drumming Festival in Emmental. Beyond discussing these ventures, we talked about MIcah’s performance history, the challenges of starting a taiko group, and playing taiko in Europe.

Visit the page to stream the interview or download the mp3!

New Interview with Bruce Mui Ghent

We’re happy to announce the release of the next TaikoSource Interview! This time, Ben sat down with Bruce Mui Ghent to talk about his performance history, how he combines dance & taiko, and his approach to production. We also discuss the Taiko Trek 2016 summer taiko camp happening this July!

Visit the page to listen to the interview or download the mp3!

2016 Taiko Census

The Taiko Community Alliance is holding the 2016 Taiko Census in an attempt to learn more about the taiko community. The information gained during the census will be used to learn more about the state of the art form – who is playing taiko, where they are playing, etc. – as well as identify community needs.

Please visit the Census website to learn more about the Census and to participate!

End of April Update

Somehow, we’re at the end of April! How time flies.

A few updates as we look towards May:

  1. Wendy has added a new song to the Song Database! Check on the page for Michinoku, composed by Mitsuki Sato and available for purchase online via the Taiko Center of Kyoto’s Online Store.
  2. A number of groups from around the world – Greece, Spain, Switzerland, and the US – have been added to the Group Map Database!

Looking forward, we have a new interview to be posted soon, as well as the return of the Music History article series! Thanks as always for your support, and stay tuned!

New Music History Article: O-Daiko

After a long delay, we’re happy to announce the release of the next TaikoSource Music History Article: “O-daiko”! In this article, we explore the history of this iconic piece, revealing its origins in festival drumming, the manner in which this drumming was fused with visual influences from the movies, and how Hayashi Eitetsu further worked to create something original for Ondekoza. Visit the page to check it out!

New Interview with Eien Hunter-Ishikawa Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the release with our next interview, with musician and educator Eien Hunter-Ishikawa.

In this interview, we talk with Eien about his performance background, moving between different musical spheres, and the cats of composition and collaboration.

Visit the Interview page to listen to the interview or download the mp3 of our conversation.