Group Class Info Search Opened

Good afternoon everyone! Last month, TaikoSource launched a new Learning section, in which we are looking to provide resources for people interested in learning taiko. We began with schools and short-term learning experiences (regular workshops, etc.). Now, we are looking to expand the list to include groups that hold regular public classes. If you would like your group added to the list, please contact me at Please include: Group Name, Group Website, Group Website, Class Info Website – also, any other details that you might want to provide and have added to the website would be welcome.

Your assistance is essential to the creation of this list, as there are so many groups out there that it’s hard to track down everything.

Thanks for your help, and keep an eye out for this and much more updates from TaikoSource!


Greetings, taiko lovers!

I wish to begin this update post by apologize for the long period without updates or new content. We’ve been going through some changes behind the scenes, dealing with administration changes, refining content, and taking care of some server-related issues. BUT! I believe we’ve solved all of that, and can get back to providing you with content and information to help you along your taiko path, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for quite some time.

We start our revival with a new section dedicated to Learning how to play taiko. Within this section, you’ll find a list of school in the United States and Japan where you can learn how to play this art form that is loved around the world – we plan to expand these listings to also include schools in other countries. Additionally, you can find listings of workshops and programs where you can learn taiko on a short-term basis (again, we’re starting with the United States and Japan, with plans to expand). There is also a link to a section of our Song Database featuring materials that might be of use as you embark on your taiko journey.

Thanks for visiting, and look forward to new content soon!

Under construction

Apologies for the mess – we’ve run into a big of a snag while updating some of our themes. We’re working to fix it, but in the meanwhile all the content is still accessible – it just looks a little different than normal.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. We hope to have everything back to normal soon.


Update, 9:25 PM EST: Back to normal!

Taiko Community Alliance


TaikoSource is proud to announce a partnership with the Taiko Community Alliance. Founded in 2012, the Taiko Community Alliance (TCA) is dedicated to the continued growth of taiko in North America. We at TaikoSource firmly believe in the TCA’s mission, and are proud to join together with the TCA to serve as a resource for taiko enthusiasts around the world.


The TCA is currently in the middle of its Charter Membership Drive, looking to build a strong administrative base for the organization in order to ensure that it will be able to host the 2015 North American Taiko Conference . Head over to the TCA Membership page now to become a charter member!

New Pages Added

We’ve added new pages to the News section of the site.

The Taiko Events Calendar, as the name suggests, contains a list of taiko-related events from around the world.

Taiko Tweets, meanwhile, displays recent tweets from taiko-related Twitter accounts.

If you’d like to add your event or your Twitter account to these listings, e-mail us at