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Taiko Community Alliance


TaikoSource is proud to announce a partnership with the Taiko Community Alliance. Founded in 2012, the Taiko Community Alliance (TCA) is dedicated to the continued growth of taiko in North America. We at TaikoSource firmly believe in the TCA’s mission, and are proud to join together with the TCA to serve as a resource for taiko enthusiasts around the world.


The TCA is currently in the middle of its Charter Membership Drive, looking to build a strong administrative base for the organization in order to ensure that it will be able to host the 2015 North American Taiko Conference . Head over to the TCA Membership page now to become a charter member!

New Pages Added

We’ve added new pages to the News section of the site.

The Taiko Events Calendar, as the name suggests, contains a list of taiko-related events from around the world.

Taiko Tweets, meanwhile, displays recent tweets from taiko-related Twitter accounts.

If you’d like to add your event or your Twitter account to these listings, e-mail us at info@taikosource.com