樫 (かし)

Japanese green oak; an evergreen tree, so not a true oak; extremely hard wood used for making bachi, esp. for chū-daiko, and bokken (wooden practice sword in the martial art of kendo); suitable for hard hitting and hits to the drum rim due to its strength and density; resistant to bending, cracking or splintering; seldom used for larger ō-daiko bachi due to its weight


檜 (ひのき)

Japanese cypress; a very soft, aromatic wood used to make drumsticks and also staves for Japanese barrels or okedō-daiko; commonly used for small shime-daiko bachi and also for large ō-daiko bachi (also larger chū-daiko); not used to strike the rim of drums due to its fragility – while resistant to cracking and warping, hinoki dents and splits easily – many apply super glue to the end of their bachi to prevent spitting