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Shime-daiko Tying Resource Guide Added

A new page has been added to the Equipment section. Check out our shime-daiko tying resource guide!

The Group Map has been Updated!

We have added many new groups to our Group Map. Check out this link to learn more

Revised Glossary

The glossary has been revised! Check it out to see what's new!

Equipment Section

We now have a section containing information about Purchasing or Building drums and other equipment!

NATC 2015 Details

Dates & location for the 2015 North American Taiko Conference have been announced. Click on the banner for more info!

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Group map

A searchable map of Taiko Groups around the world


A glossary of taiko-related terms

Song Database

A database of taiko songs

Taiko Community Alliance

TaikoSource is a proud partner of the Taiko Community Alliance strives to be your stop for taiko-related information.