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TaikoSource Access Survey

Hi everyone. We’ve launched an online poll to determine how you all are accessing TaikoSource and finding out about our updates. If you could, please take a moment and take the embedded survey below. It’ll help us determine how we can best serve you, our readers, in terms of providing … Continue reading

Flickr Page Location Update

Hi everyone! Our Flickr page URL has changed, so be sure to update your bookmarks! You can now find us at We’re doing a little maintenance right now, but everything should be up momentarily.

Bibliography Update, Part II

Our bibliography update is complete! Beyond links to places on the internet where you can download listed dissertations, theses, and journal articles, you will also find Amazon links for books! (Amazon US store, English language books only – currently investigating the possibility of becoming an Amazon Japan affiliate so that … Continue reading

Spotlight: Mykky & Taiko-kun

In this week’s Taiko News post, we spotlight the work of Kamille Mykky Franchomme. You’ll find her at conferences like the North American Taiko Conference and the World Taiko Gathering selling her Taiko-kun and Taiko-chan plush dolls and other creations. I picked up my own Taiko-kun at WTG this past … Continue reading

Amazon Affiliate Store

As part of our continuing efforts to make TaikoSource your gateway for everything taiko-related, we have created an Amazon Affiliate page featuring many of the items listed across our website. Click on the Amazon Store link above, or follow this link. You’ll find books, CDs, DVDs, digital music, and even … Continue reading

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Resources about purchasing or making drums and other instruments

Taiko Clipart

Free to Use taiko-themed art and photos

Group Map

A searchable map of taiko groups around the world

Song Database

A database of taiko songs, including Copyleft compositions anyone can play
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