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New Interview with Gastón San Cristobal

It’s October, and with the new month comes a new Interview! Today we’re featuring our interview with Gastón San Cristobal. Gastón is co-founder and director of ESTO ES TAIKO, the first magazine outside of Japan dedicated to taiko performance. He is also a member of Shinzui Daiko in Buenos Aires, … Continue reading

New Interview: Isabel Romeo Biedma

The next in the TaikoSource interview series has been released! This time, we spoke with Isabel Romeo Biedma. Isabel is a founding member of Seiwa Taiko, a taiko group based in Madrid, Spain. In our discussion, we talk about her performance background, how she first encountered taiko, and the experience … Continue reading

New Taiko Music History Article: Nidan Uchi/Yodan Uchi

We’re pleased to announce the next article in the TaikoSource Music History series, covering one of the most popular pieces in contemporary taiko repertoire: Nidan Uchi, and – of course – its variant Yodan Uchi. In this article, we explore the history of the piece and shed light on the … Continue reading

New Interview: Ian Cleworth

We’re happy to announce the release of a new interview, the first in a series of international interviews! Ben spoke with Ian Cleworth of TaikOz about his taiko performance background, how it connects to his background in Western percussion, what makes TaikOz different, and how the group creates repertoire and … Continue reading

New Interview With Michelle Fujii Now Available!

Our next interview – with Unit Souzou co-director Michelle Fujii – is now available! In our discussion, we talked with MIchelle about her performance history, her approach to both performance and teaching, and the thoughts behind her group Unit Souzou. Visit the interview page to listen to it or download … Continue reading

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