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New Interview: Jennifer Weir

We’re happy to announce the release of another TaikoSource interview! This time, Ben spoke with Jennifer Weir of TaikoArts Midwest! In our discussion, we talk about Jennifer’s background and performance history, where taiko fits into her own journey, and the path from Theater Mu to Mu Daiko to TaikoArts Midwest, … Continue reading

New Interview: Brian Sole

We’re happy to release the latest in the TaikoSource Interview series! This time, Ben spoke with Brian Sole, director of Great Lakes Taiko Center and its performance group Raion Taiko. In our interview, we discuss Brian’s journey to Japan and back, and how taiko fit within this journey. We also … Continue reading

New Taiko Music History Post: Kodo and the Path to “Irodori”

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new entry in the Taiko Music History article series!! This time, we explore the path taken by Kodo members in the 1980s towards “Irodori,” one of the most famous and popular pieces in the Kodo repertoire. In this article, we explore the … Continue reading

Interview: Kiyoshi Nagata

We’re happy to announce the release of another entry in our Interview series! This time, Ben sat down (virtually, at least) with Kiyoshi Nagata of Nagata Shachu from Toronto, Canada. We spoke with Kiyoshi in advance of the release of Nagata Shachu’s Toronto Taiko Tales DVD and a series of … Continue reading

New Interview: Jennifer Milioto Matsue

It’s time for another TaikoSource Interview! Returning to the taiko scholar sub-series we began last year, this time I interviewed Jennifer Milioto Matsue, Associate Professor in Music, Asian Studies, and Anthropology at Union College in Schenectady, New York. During our conversation, we discuss her background as both musician and scholar, … Continue reading

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