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Full Score for Kamitachi Now Available in the Song Database

Thanks go out to composer Jordan Tani for adding the complete score to his song “Kamaitachi” on the TaikoSource Song Database. If you haven’t checked out “Kamaitachi,” you’re in for a treat! Thanks again Jordan!

New Interview with Kris Bergstrom

We’re pleased today to release a new interview, as once again we speak with Los Angeles Taiko Institute Head Instructor Kris Bergstrom. This time, we discuss his work “Jack Bazaar,” delving into the history, performance, and composition of this piece. Head over to the interview page to check it out!

New Taiko Music History Article: Monochrome

We follow up the “Yatai-bayashi” article with an article about “Monochrome,” composed in 1976 for Ondekoza by Ishii Maki. Ishii brought together his Western art music compositional training and the festival music roots of Ondekoza, and created something unique to the taiko performance world. Nearly 40 years after its premiere, … Continue reading

New Taiko Music History Article: Yatai-bayashi

After a brief time away, we’re back with new Taiko Music History articles! In fact, we have TWO new articles! We begin with an article written by Ben and posted by Gastoncito San Cristobal on his website Esto Es Taiko, about the Ondekoza/Kodo staple “Yatai-bayashi.” In the article, Ben discusses … Continue reading

TaikoSource is Now On Tumblr!

We now have a page on Tumblr! It’ll be helping to sync all of our various social media presences, both making it easier for us to post taiko-related tidbits but also giving you another way to find us. Follow the link to check it out!

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